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DynaMain Aerospace offers aircraft maintenance engineering and consulting services. We provide specialized technical engineering support for a variety of transport category (M2) aircraft in both Line and Heavy maintenance operations. We are partnered with industry leaders and have technical knowledge and connections with companies across the aerospace sector.

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The Maintenance Engingeering Services Your Airplane Needs

We've got everything you'll need and more to keep your aircraft airworthy. Our can experts service, repair, and certify aircraft types and components across all major manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, and more.

We also help companies in need of AOG support, last-minute manpower, critical component calibration and installation, and much more.

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Our Staff

Realiable Engineers You Can Count On

Our AMEs are certified, licenced, and have years of experience on a variety of aircraft type. We have the right person for every job, and they come with the right tools too. Our reliability is unmatched, in both technical performance and operational uptime. When it comes to aircraft maintenance and safety, the right people mean everything.

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The Right People

AMEs with the right experience are the right person for the job.

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The Right Tools

With every AME comes the right tools for their scope of work.

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Our Commitment

On Time and On Budget

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Safety First

We value safety above all else. Implementing proper maintenance engineering practices, adherence to safety regulations, and continual training and development of safety systems are ways our company keeps aircraft and their passengers safe.

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Always Improving

The pursuit of constant improvement is a cornerstone for professional growth. Our commitment to continuous improvement helps our staff reach their fullest professional potential, and in turn helps us to complete our work efficiently.

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Maximum Efficiency

Working efficiently is vital for achieving productivity and keeping maintenance costs down. It means maximizing output within a given time frame, allowing for more tasks to be accomplished without sacrificing quality or safety.

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Open Communication

Good communication is fundamental for the success of maintenance operations. Our clear, concice, and effective communication stragety ensures that clients are up-to-date on all maintenance activities, enabling accurate planning and decision making.

Global Scale

World-Class Service For A Global Industry

Leveraging a vast network of expert technicians and cutting-edge technologies, we are entrusted with maintaining aircraft from every corner of the world. Our services cater to a broad spectrum of aircraft types, adhering to rigorous international standards and regulatory requirements. We understand that our clients, ranging from major airlines to private operators, rely on us for their aircraft's safety and optimal performance. To this end, we ensure that each aircraft we service undergoes a meticulous, thorough, and systematic maintenance process. Our exceptional response times, comprehensive inspections, innovative repair solutions, and personalized client service have positioned us as a trusted partner in the aviation sector.

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Aircraft released through heavy and line maintenance.


Safety record with no incidents.


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Of happy and safe passengers.

Our Projects

A Diverse Range of Maintenance Projects

We take pride in our past and present work. We are working hard to ensure that our experience can benefit your aircraft or AMO. Our dedicated team brings unmatched expertise, agility, and commitment, assuring you of precise, timely, and cost-effective maintenance.

We Do It All

From inspections to engine changes to heavy maintenance. Our AMEs are trained and certified to complete even the most demanding of tasks.

Inquire Now!

When you inquire about our services, you're taking the first step towards exceptional care for your aircraft. As a leader in the global aviation maintenance industry, we provide solutions designed around your specific needs, enhancing safety, reliability, and performance.

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Inquire about our AME contractors and what they could do for your business.

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